Riverstone Dog Training, owned by Anne Paul, offers top quality competitive obedience instruction in eastern Pennsylvania.

I have been a full-time professional dog trainer for over thirty years, specializing in competitive obedience training. My classes are for people with all types of breeds and goals, who would like to enjoy this wonderful sport with their companions.

“Thoughtful training for the thinking trainer”…

I am known for teaching competitive obedience in a very logical, thorough, and step by step manner, carefully teaching the dogs every step involved in a skill or exercise, and then thoughtfully proofing the exercise for complete understanding and reliability.

I teach all of my classes myself, and use no assistants. My goal is to provide each student with the attention and help that they need to enjoy their training and reach their goals. My students have earned countless titles and awards over the many years I have been teaching, and I am proud of each and every one.

The breed that captures my heart and mind is the Belgian Malinois, and I take pride in the fact that my dogs are well known for working with joy and accuracy. Pictured on this website are Dune, Echo, and Torrent, my current companions.  Dune, my 12 year old, is now retired from her stunning obedience career, which is detailed on her page.  Echo, now 6 years old, has his Grand Championship, his OTCH and OM, and also earned his Herding Advanced (HXAs) title.  My little man Torrent joined us in January 2015.  He finished his breed championship at 14 months, and at 2 years 4 months completed his OTCH.  Details of his unfolding career are on his page.