OTCH 20 Dune von Schoerling UDX11 OGM
2004 – 2017
She accepted my invitation to dance… and the world fell away

Dune was consistently in the 40 top ranked (all breed) obedience dogs in the United States for six consecutive years:

She completed 2009 ranked as the #14 dog (all breeds by OTCH points) in the U.S.

She completed 2010 ranked as the #20 dog (all breeds by OTCH points) in the U.S.

She completed 2011 ranked as the #19 dog (all breeds by OTCH points) in the U.S.

She completed 2012 ranked as the #40 dog (all breeds by OTCH points) in the U.S.

She completed 2013 ranked as the #32 dog (all breeds by OTCH points) in the U.S.

She completed 2014 ranked as the #30 dog (all breeds by OTCH points) in the U.S.

Dune does her left finish at the 2009 National Obedience Invitational

Dune finished her OTCH and UDX exactly one year from her CD.

She got all of her OTCH points and Firsts in a total of just 12 trials.

Dune closed her career with the following accomplishments:

• 140 First Placements

• 66 High in Trials

• 74 High Combineds

• 60 scores of 199 or higher

• Two perfect scores of 200 in Open and one perfect 200 in Utility

• 115 UDX legs

• Obedience Grand Master (10 Obedience Master titles = Obedience Grand Master)

• 2010 lifetime OTCH points

12 Dune sitting portrait


March 2015

Dune competes in her 5th NOC!  Dune, Torrent, and I headed to Purina Farms outside St. Louis to compete one more time in the National Obedience Championship.  This was  Dune’s fifth time in this exciting and challenging tournament, and a fitting close to her stunning obedience career.  At 10.5, I think she might even agree (but never admit out loud)  that it is time to pass the reins to her little brother.  It was hard to comprehend that these would be Team Dune’s final runs in the obedience ring.  I had only one goal this year – to absolutely and totally rejoice in our final weekend competing together.  For ten years we have worked and played, laughed and cried, struggled and soared, but always danced together as we enjoyed this wonderful sport that, I believe, is the ultimate expression of relationship and teamwork.  Dune, I have always felt honored and privileged to stand at your side.  Today your eyes were filled with irrepressible joy as we went through the 8 NOC rings – the same joy that has filled my life for over 10 years.  I think now of the ending of a favorite song – “and shake my head and laugh and say it all went by so fast.”   Thank you my Red Berry.

Dune heeling at the 2015 NOC

Dune in the fast pace at the 2015 NOC

December 2014

Dune wins 2000 OTCH points and earns her 20th OTCH!    To my Dune… Yesterday you and I reached a goal toward which we have been working for quite some time – we won our 2000th OTCH point, and so earned our 20th OTCH.  What a ride we have been on for 10 years!  You never cease to amaze and inspire me, and your constant joy and energy fill our lives, both in the ring and out.  Along the way to OTCH 20 we have won 138 First Placements, 66 High in Trials, 73 High Combineds, 114 UDX legs, and, I think most amazing of all, 60 scores of 199 – 200.  Dune, you know nothing of what those numbers mean.  What you know is that you are happiest by my side, eyes bright and ears up, always ready to do whatever is next.  Thank you, Red Berry.  We have one more goal – to compete in the National Obedience Championship one more time in March – your favorite event.  So let’s take a break, bring home your new little brother Torrent, and then we will start gearing up one more time!



August 2014

Dune takes Second Place in the All Star Performance Dog Obedience Championship!  This weekend Dune competed in the “Super Star” class at the All Star Tournament in York PA.  Super Star consists of 5 rounds of competition over two days, with each round consisting of 6 Open and Utility exercises, plus two sets of stays.  Over the two days, each of the 10 Open/Utility exercises is performed three times.  Team Dune lost just 16 total points, winning Second Place!

March 2014

Dune competes in the 2014 National Obedience Championship!  What a fantastic weekend Team Dune had at the 2014 NOC!  My Red worked with her trademark joy, power, and grace throughout the 12 rings of competition.  What a privilege it is to be at her side.  Out of a possible 1420 points, we lost 17 for precision, plus 30 for the missed article on Saturday and 40 for the missed drop on Sunday.  Both of those mistakes were flukes, but that is often the way it is at a tournament.  Our loss of 17 precision points put us at the same total score as the third runner up.  Beautiful work Red!   Thank you, Dune, for being my most amazing partner.  You have given me 9.5 years of pure joy.  Next year the NOC is at Purina Farms in Missouri.  I see that you are already packing……

56 NOC 2014 portrait WEB

May 2013

Dune sweeps obedience at the ABMC Nationals!  Dune had a wonderful day at our Malinois Nationals.  In addition to flirting with lots of handsome Malinois boys, she also won both Open B and Utility B, and got High in Trial and High Combined.  She will be on a break for a while (not her idea…) while little brother works to get his UDX and OTCH.

Dune sweeps obedience at ABMC Nationals

March 2013

Dune wins her UDX 10!  We are so happy to announce that yesterday morning, at the Lower Camden County Dog Training Club, Dune won her 100th UDX leg!  It was an exciting weekend, as she got leg 98 on Friday at New Brunswick, and leg 99 on Saturday. Sunday morning she worked two beautiful classes, and won High Combined as she got leg 100. Perhaps even more impressive than this remarkable accomplishment is that of those 100 legs, SIXTY FOUR of them earned the High Combined award. That number reflects an amazing level of consistency and accuracy.  And along with that consistency and accuracy comes Dune’s constant joy to work – her ears and tail up and her energy flowing with every step. It is hard to be around Dune and not be happy! Dune also completed her 17th OTCH, and now has 1714 lifetime OTCH points. Our next event will be competing at the Malinois Nationals in May. Onward OTCH 17 Dune von Schoerling UDX 10 OGM !!!

December 2012

Dune competes at the 2012 National Obedience Invitational in Orlando and has an outstanding weekend!  Dune pulled out all the stops this weekend, knowing it was time to do her very best.  On Saturday, over 20 exercises and a set of stays, we lost just 10 points and were in 6th place at the end of the day.  She decided to do even better on Sunday, losing just 6.5 points over 20 exercises, and placing 3rd for Sunday alone.  Overall, we ended up in a 3-way tie for 3rd Runner Up.  We did not win the run-off, and therefore did not get the placement, but Dune did a beautiful run-off pattern in front of the entire crowd at the end of two grueling days of competition.  She worked from early Saturday morning all the way through the last run-off on Sunday with joy and grace.  Her ears and tail were up every single moment and every single step.  The day I chose her to be mine over 8 years ago was one of the smartest of my life.  We have more to do Red!  We will be going for 100 UDX legs (we’ve got 90), and you and your little brother will be competing in our Nationals in May.  And maybe one more NOI next year????

March 2012

Dune wins her Obedience Grand Master title!  Yet again, my beautiful red girl Dune had an amazing weekend. My hope was that she would complete her final title, that of Obedience Grand Master, and, in true Dune style, of course she did!  She now adds OGM to her name, signifying the completion of ten Obedience Master titles, or the accumulation of 2000 OM points.  Being Dune, she did this, and then some.  During the three trials this weekend, Dune won High Combined all three times, and High in Trial on Sunday morning.  She won her 100th First Placement.  She completed her 15th OTCH. She now has a lifetime total of 54 High in Trials, 53 High Combineds, and 53 scores of 199 – 200.  She has 84 UDX legs. It is easy for these kind of numbers to lose their meaning.  When I really think about what Dune has done, and how she has done it, I am without words.  She never works with anything short of pure joy.  Yesterday, the Sunday afternoon trial ended at about 5:30.  She had been working since Saturday morning.  We were packing to head for home, and Dune was already in the car.  Usually it is easy to figure out who won High Combined, but at the end of this trial there was some confusion, and when it was sorted out there was in fact a tie between Dune and a Tervuren.  We had to have a run-off to determine the winner.  The rings where we had competed were already taken down, so we had to have the run-off on the other side of the trial site, where Dune had never been.  I got her out of the car, warmed her up for about a minute, she floated through the heeling pattern, and won High Combined. To me, that kind of spirit is the summation of my beautiful Red Berry.  Dune is the 40th dog (all breed) to earn the OGM title.

Dune earns the title of Obedience Grand Master

December 2011

Dune wins the Herding Group at the 2011 National Obedience Invitational in Orlando, and places NINTH overall!  Over two days, 16 times in the ring, and 40 exercises, Dune and I won 1385 of the available 1420 points, placing us 9th in a field of almost 150 teams.  In two of the 16 rings we lost only 1/2 point, and in five of the rings we lost just one point.  We had a perfect score in at least 13 exercises.  Every single time I got Dune to warm up or to compete her eyes were shining with “what’s next mom??!!”  She worked with joy, grace, and strength.  I am the privileged one to stand at her side and control her power with the softest word.

July 2011

Dune wins a perfect 200 in Open and wins the Regional Qualifying Event for the 2012 NOI!  I usually call Dune my Red Hot Red Berry, but this weekend she became my Red Hot Chili Pepper!!  We were at the Susque-Nango trials for 3 days, and she had an unbelievable run.  These trials were a Regional Qualifying Event for the 2012 National Obedience Invitational.  Each team that wants to try to qualify competes in Open B and Utility B all 3 days.  The 6 scores are added, and the top 4 teams qualify.  So our first accomplishment was that Dune won this qualifying event, losing just 13 points out of 1200.  Her score average over the 6 classes was 197.8.   But she had more in store!  On Saturday, Dune won her third perfect score of 200, under judge Betsy Horn Humer, in Open.  This was the first time that Betsy has ever awarded a 200.  Of course I don’t always “agree” with judges as to our score, but this time I did.  Dune simply floated on air as we went through the class.  I felt like I was just along for a beautiful ride.  I knew it was perfect, and am thrilled that Betsy agreed.

January 2011

Dune wins a perfect 200 in Utility! I am thrilled to report that today (January 16) at the K9 Obedience Training Club of Essex County trial, Dune earned her first perfect score of 200 in Utility.  This is Dune’s second 200; the first was won in the Open class.  It was especially wonderful to achieve this goal (one of my remaining goals for Dune) with many students and friends watching, and of course little Echo was also there to see his big sister be so smart.  Dune’s Utility class was first thing early this morning, and we waited about 6 hours for the huge class of 31 to finish.  We thank judge Nancy Withers for thinking so highly of Dune’s work today.  Dune also won a not-too-shabby 199 in Open!  She won High in Trial and High Combined, and won the club’s Challenge Trophy for winning High Combined at their trials three times.  She earned a total of 61 OTCH points this weekend, and she has now won a remarkable 42 scores of 199-200.

November 2010

Dune wins her 1000th OTCH point! On November 7, Dune won her 1000th OTCH point, earning her an incredible 10 OTCH’s.  This was the icing on the cake of an amazing weekend at the Back Mountain trials.  Dune won First place in all four of her clases, and also won High in Trial and High Combined both days.

August 2010

Dune WINS the Super Star Division of the All Star Obedience Tournament! This tournament is held every two years in York PA. At the most advanced level, the Super Star division, each team competes 5 times over 2 days. Each of the 5 classes consists of a mix of 6 Open and Utility exercises. By the end, each team does each of the 10 obedience exercises three times each. Two sets of stays are also performed. The total points possible are 1200. Dune worked beautifully all weekend, and lost just 9 points out of that 1200, winning the Super Star division.

December 2009

Dune competes in the 2009 AKC National Obedience Invitational! Dune competed in the 2009 AKC National Obedience Invitational, held in Long Beach, California.  At the end of Saturday’s competition, she had won 725 points out of a possible 740, and was seeded #10. In Sunday’s competition she competed until the field was narrowed to the final 16 teams. She won 4th place Herding Dog.