GCH OTCH Carousel’s South Rim Echo HXAs OM

Echo wins his 6th point at the age of 7 months

Echo finished his OTCH an amazing nine months after getting his CD.

He got all of his OTCH points and Firsts in a total of just six trials.

During his obedience career he won:

• 19 First Placements

• 11 High in Trials

• 4 High Combineds

• 9 scores of 199 or higher

• One perfect score of 200 in Novice

• 6 UDX legs

• 233 Obedience Master points

• 148 lifetime OTCH points


October 2015

We are elated to announce that Amanda and Echo finished his Advanced Herding title (A course Sheep) yesterday! This was a challenging goal to reach, and I cannot thank Amanda enough for all of her skilled and hard work with my boy. Echo retires as GCH OTCH Carousel’s South Rim Echo HXAs OM – not too bad my man!

278 Echo Amanda HX

August 2014

This weekend Echo competed in the “Super Star” class at the All Star Performance Dog Obedience Championship in York PA.  Super Star consists of 5 rounds of competition over two days, with each round consisting of 6 Open and Utility exercises, plus two sets of stays.  Over the two days, each of the 10 Open/Utility exercises is performed three times.  This was Echo’s first obedience tournament, and he did great!  Team Echo lost just 31 total points, winning Seventh Place!

Echo selects the metal article at All Star 2014

Echo selects the metal article at All Star 2014

10 All Star 2014 article return

Echo returns with the leather article

Echo fronts with the article

Echo fronts with the article









June 2014

This weekend Echo finished his Herding Intermediate title on sheep.  He finished in style – a great score of 90, First place in his class, and – a real surprise – Reserve High in Trial!!

October 2013

The last weekend of the month found Echo trying his first “Started” runs in herding.  He did a wonderful job, winning Second place on Saturday with a nice score of 86, and First place on Sunday with an exceptional score of 93.  He has gotten off to a wonderful start in his newest endeavor.

October 2013

Echo competed in Open and Utility at the very large and competitive Souhegan KC trials in NH.  He did a particularly wonderful job in Open, winning the class twice with scores of 199.5 and 198.5.  He completed his first OM (Obedience Master) title, and is halfway to his second OTCH.  Well done GCH OTCH Carousel’s South Rim Echo PT OM!

October 2013

Echo competed in herding for the first time, and qualified both days in the Pre-Trial Tested Class!   The judge wrote “nice job; good dog” on his evaluation.  After watching a lot of bad handling, out of control dogs, and screaming, I came home very grateful for both Echo and Amanda. Well done GCH OTCH Carousel’s South Rim Echo PT and thank you Amanda!  This is our first official step toward our goal of TC (Triple Champion) Echo.

Echo brings the sheep down the home stretch

Echo brings the sheep down the home stretch

June 2013

I am so happy to introduce…  GCH OTCH Carousel’s South Rim Echo !!!!!  Yes indeed, Echo finished his OTCH yesterday at the Syracuse Obedience Training Club trials.  I am so very proud of my man; at this point he is begging me to stop hugging and kissing him constantly!  Here is the story in brief….  We went to Syracuse on Friday with 52 points.  The entries were very big – about 30 in both Open B and Utility B – so there would be points for all placements.  On the other hand, these are wonderful trials, so they are well attended by many top teams, so the placements would be hard to get.  We started Saturday with a great run in Open – getting a 198.5 and taking First Place – what a way to start the weekend!  In Utility we had a blooper – a fumbled glove pickup that cost us 3 points – so we ended up with a 194.5 and Third Place.  On Saturday we won his 8th High in Trial, and 17 OTCH points, bringing our total to 69.  Back in the hotel room I did the math on our chances of finishing on Sunday.  ONLY winning both classes would give us the needed 31 points.  A First and a Second would not do it.  I knew this was possible but very unlikely, so we went on Sunday morning wanting to get us closer to 100.  Utility was first, and we won with a 198!  Because the class was so large this was worth a whopping 24 points, bringing us to 93!  Oh my, both the pressure and excitement were now on for Open.  If we won we would go home with our OTCH.  Well Echo pulled off an absolutely beautiful run, and yes we WON with a 199 – and sailed right over point 100.  We also won his 9th High in Trial and his 4th High Combined.  Now if that isn’t amazing enough, the REALLY amazing part is the Echo got all of his OTCH points and his required First Placements in only SIX trials. He got his UD and his first points on April 21, and finished 7 weeks later on June 9. The Syracuse OTC trials are among my favorites, so I was very happy to finish at such a wonderful event.  The many congratulations we received were overwhelming.

Echo gets his OTCH in six trials!

May 2013

Echo had a wonderful weekend at the Albany Dog Training Club’s trials, coming home with three Firsts (two in Utility and one in Open), two High Combineds, one High in Trial, his third UDX leg, and most importantly, he now has 52 OTCH points, so we are past the half-way point in getting his OTCH!

Echo has a great weekend in Albany

May 2013

Echo and I have embarked on a new mission – herding! – with the goal of him earning a Herding Championship, with the goal of him being a Triple Champion someday!  I have always wanted each of my dogs to do something special and unique, and each of them has. I’m running out – what is left for Echo? Since he has lots of herding in his pedigree he should have strong and solid herding instinct and ability. He should be able to get a HC (Herding Championship).  Since he has his GCH (breed championship), and will get his OTCH, the remaining championship he would need to be a Triple Champion (TC) is his HC.  With our hopes set high, this month we started herding lessons at Scarlets Mill Farm in Birdsboro PA.  The owner of Scarlets Mill, Amanda Nickle, will be training and handling Echo.  His first several lessons went wonderfully, and Echo does indeed show strong herding instinct.  They were amazed at how well he did in his first few exposures to the stock.  He also clearly loves it, so he is very excited about this new project!

April 2013

Today Echo got his UD!  He got his first leg last Saturday, his second leg yesterday, and his title today.  While he was at it, he won both of his Utility classes (198.5 and 195), took second in Open yesterday (199) and won Open today (198.5).  He got his first UDX leg, his first 14 OTCH points, his OTCH Open First, and his OTCH Utility First – a rather productive weekend for my man!  Today was also his first High Combined, and his 6th High in Trial.

February 2013

Today Echo finished his CDX, with a beautiful 198.5 that took both First Place in Open B and High in Trial.  We didn’t tell Dune that he beat her by 1/2 point!

Echo gets his CDX with a 198.5 and wins High in Trial

November 2012

Echo wrapped up his run in the Novice ring at Holyoke KC and Windham County KC.  He finished up with a 198.5 and a 199, both of which went High in Trial.

October 13, 2012

Echo completed his CD today at Souhegan KC in New Hampshire.  He got his second leg yesterday, scoring a 199.5 and winning High in Trial.  He finished today with a 198.5.  He won First Place on all three legs, won two High in Trials, and has a score average of 199.

September 30, 2012

Echo and I have some very exciting news to report.  Today we went up to Mass. to step into the Novice ring for the first time at the Wampanoag KC obedience trial.  Many of you know that Echo has taken me on a very different journey during his first two years.  He has challenged and stretched me more than I ever could have imagined!  Honestly I was not certain that we were ready to compete yet, but decided that it was time to try.  Our judge was William Craig, and he awarded us a perfect 200!  I guess Echo said that he is in fact ready to begin his obedience career!  This was the first 200 that Mr. Craig has ever awarded.  Echo now has his first Novice leg, his first First, and his first High in Trial – all in our first 3 minutes in the ring!  I am proud beyond words of my little man, who stuck with me as I have struggled to figure out how to be his teammate.  I will never be able to thank Linda Koutsky enough for helping me to understand my Echo.  Without her help I do not think our journey would have come to such a happy point.  Thank you so very much Linda.  Onward Echo!

July 15, 2012

Today Echo finished his Grand Championship, at the young age of 21 months!  He needed only one more point, and in fact came away with 4 by taking Select Dog.  To me, he showed better than he ever has today.  He was simply elegant!  Ears up the entire time, eyes bright, moved perfectly, stacked, stood perfectly still with full expression …     As she gave me the ribbon, the judge spent quite some time exclaiming over how gorgeous he is and thanked me for showing to her.

May 29, 2011

Today Echo finished his breed championship, at the age of 8 months!  We have had a very good time in the breed ring over the last two months.  Echo’s first show was 5 days after he turned 6 months old, and he won a 4-point major and went Best of Opposite Sex.  What a start!  Yesterday, at the age of 8 months, he went Best of Breed over 4 Specials, and won a second 4-point major.  Today he got his final point.  Echo finished in just 8 shows, between the ages of 6 and 8 months.  He won Best of Winners at 6 of those 8 shows.  He finished undefeated in the 6-9 months Puppy Dogs class – an amazing accomplishment and a testament to his beautiful structure and movement.  Echo also handled himself with exceptional poise and confidence.  On to the Specials ring!