Keltie Lang

“It’s the Details Darling”

September 29 – 30, 2018

The K9 Jym – Colmar PA

Hosted by Riverstone Dog Training

Top Canadian obedience trainer and competitor KELTIE LANG will be coming to eastern Pennsylvania SEPTEMBER 29 – 30, 2018!!!

Keltie will present “It’s the Details, Darling,” focusing on training the details that save those costly points in the ring through handling finesse, dog/handler relationship, training for success, and mental and physical conditioning.

Keltie R. Lang is one of Canada’s top Competition Obedience trainers, having made it to Number One Obedience Dog in Canada 2009 with “Kip” (GMOTCh Brassfire Kip Kip Ka-Boom), and placing in the Top Ten with her subsequent dogs, “Bucky” (GMOTCh Brassfire Bucky T Boomster) and “Tekno” (MOTCh Heads Up Teknical Knockout). In 2017, Tekno boasted not only 4 back to back perfect 200 scores in one day, but also the highest average score of any obedience dog in Canada. In the ring, Keltie is known for her smooth handling and clean performances; in and out of the ring she is respected for her good sportsmanship and graciousness. In addition to winning #1 Obedience Dog in Canada for 2009, Keltie has also won 128 High in Trials and 24 perfect 200 scores. Her dogs have placed in the Top 10 Obedience Dogs in Canada from 2008 through 2018. Her students share her success. They too have Top Dog placements in Canada, with Group and Breed placements. Many of her students, with a variety of breeds, have earned the demanding Grand Master Obedience Trial Championship and Master Obedience Trial Champion Titles and perfect 200 scores. Keltie grew up around animals and her family’s pets ran the gamut of dogs, cats, horses, tropical fish, primates and reptiles. Prior to pursuing Competition Obedience she enjoyed riding hunter-jumpers. While Competition Obedience is Keltie’s passion, she is well versed in many dog sports and venues, having trained in Field Trials, IPO and French Ring Sport.

Keltie has owned and trained dogs from five of the seven CKC groups: Sporting Dogs, Hounds, Working, Toys, and Herding. She brings a balanced, intuitive approach to her training and transfers this skill to her students. Rather than following a particular methodology, she can not only change and adapt to the dog that is in front of her, but also to the abilities and style of the handler. Keltie’s philosophy is “I train the dog in front of me and choose the method that suits that dog at that moment in time.” Simply put, she trains the dog that she is training!

Her website is:

Auditing $90/day; Working $180/day

Auditors may bring their dog and work him/her during breaks in a respectful, reasonable, and responsible way. During the workshop, auditor’s dogs will be quiet and well behaved and will not in any way disrupt or disturb the workshop. If not, the owner will remove the disruptive dog from the building for the remainder of the workshop.

The workshop will be held in a 100 X 100 arena, and there will be plenty of crating space.

Email me for a registration form: