Dune in a sit front at the Orlando DTC trial

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Performance Puppy Program

I teach all of the skills and exercises for competitive obedience in my Performance Puppy/Beginner Program, using the philosophy that….

Doing it right from the start …    creates the best results in the end!

In this program, Novice, Open, and Utility obedience skills are taught together as an integrated course.  Each skill and exercise is carefully taught in a logical, thorough, and step-by-step manner.

What one student said…  “Training with you has been such a different experience.  The step by step instruction, never rushing anything or skipping any of the little pieces that make the tasks clear, is making all the difference to both my dog and to me.   I have never attended a better thought out, organized, and informative class as yours.  You have made my training the best experience ever.”

Both puppies and adults of all breeds, and handlers with all goals are welcome!  It is ideal, but not required, that the dog enrolled has no previous training in obedience.

By the end of the program, the dogs know all of the competitive obedience exercises, and are then gradually integrated into Open and Utility Ring Prep.

The entire program, teaching all of the Novice, Open, and Utility exercises, is 56 weeks in length.  The program is divided into seven 8-week segments for registration purposes.  Each 8-week segment is $270.

What another student said…  “Of all the classes I have ever taken, you and yours have made the most improvement for us.  Your abilities as an instructor ignited a passion within us.  Your teaching style is so fun and relaxed, and I cannot believe the time flies by so fast.  My dog LOVES going to class!  I never thought competitive obedience could be so enjoyable and exciting, but you have made it that way!”

Dune heeling at the 2014 National Obedience Championship

Dune heeling at the 2014 National Obedience Championship

Dune is sent to retrieve the glove

Dune is sent to retrieve the glove

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