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Looking to supercharge your training and rediscover the fun of obedience?  Then Ring Prep classes are for you!

What one student said…  “Of all the classes I have ever taken, you and yours have made the most improvement for us.  Your abilities as an instructor ignited a passion within us.  Your teaching style is so fun and relaxed, and I cannot believe the time flies by so fast.  My dog LOVES going to class!  I never thought competitive obedience could be so enjoyable and exciting, but you have made it that way!”

Ring Prep classes are for teams that basically know the Novice, Open, and Utility exercises and are ready to practice them in group situations (no competition experience or titles are required).  Ring Prep classes stimulate both handler and dog to truly think and learn by “getting out of the box” – working on exercises in continuously different ways so that the dog mentally engages in active learning and increases its interest and commitment to work.  This resolves the common problem of the dog working by rote, or “auto-pilot,” usually marked by a bored, inattentive attitude easily subject to breakdown in competition.

Get your dog out of the box of patterned training and into a state of active participation!  Open and Utility Ring Prep classes offer great opportunities for you to improve your team’s attitude, attention, and accuracy.  Learn new and fun ways to practice, proof, and polish obedience exercises in intense but fun sessions.

Ring Prep classes also include information and exercises on how to “bridge the gap” between training and trialing – for example, how to use matches effectively, reducing the need for food and toys, preparing for trial conditions, ring entrances and transitions, footwork and heeling patterns, ring procedures, and problem solving.

Another student said…  “In 27 years of playing obedience, yours was simply the most creative, resourceful, and out of the box training class I have ever been to, in any venue.  The most telling part for me is that my dog LOVES going to class.”

Ring Prep classes meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and both daytime and evening classes are available.  Please see the “Class and Private Schedule” page for details on the current schedule.

Please, no dogs with aggression problems toward people or dogs.

Dune over the bar jump

Dune over the bar jump