Riverstone Dog Training is proud to present

Suzanne Clothier

Drive, Brakes, & Steering

Understanding and Modulating Arousal

The K9 Jym

Colmar PA

November 16 + 17, 2019

This is a seminar for teams in ALL dog sports!

Do you struggle with a dog who seems to be part rocket and part rock-head? Wonder how your dog can tell you when things are “just right” or beginning to be “not so good”? Wonder how to keep the drive and enthusiasm but also have some brakes and steering? And why can’t he just lay down and relaxalready!?

Many trainers struggle with training and behavior issues that have their origin in arousal. “Drive” is poorly understood, and may be used to excuse out of control behavior. With so many teenage dogs being prepared for competition, with high arousal behaviors being encouraged, there needs to be an understanding of the special challenges of the adolescent brain and arousal.

Finding the right balance for each dog can be a challenge, but it gets much easier when you understand the Think & Learn Zone (TLZ), how arousal alters behavior, and how individual dogs vary in their responses. Whether you’re an old pro or a new trainer, you and your dog will benefit from Suzanne Clothier’s sensible, effective and humane approach.

This seminar will help all handlers deepen their understanding of arousal, how dogs think & learn (or don’t!) when aroused, perfect performance vs. perfect train wreck, and how to help every dog be the best they can be. It is for anyone interested in finding the sweet spot where you and your dog are connected and communicating. Without diminishing your dog’s drive, it is possible to develop brilliant control that allows the dog to shine and perform at his best.

Suzanne Clothier

Suzanne Clothier has been working with animals professionally since 1977. She is well respected internationally for her holistic Relationship Centered Training™ approach to dogs and the people that love them.  Since 1991, she has taught workshops and seminars throughout the US and internationally for a wide variety of groups.  An award winning author of multiple books & DVDs, her book, Bones Would Rain from the Sky: Deepening Our Relationships With Dogs has received wide spread praise from every corner of the dog world, including twice being included in the Wall Street Journal’s list of Top 5 Dog Books. 

She developed multiple assessment tools – CARAT™, an assessment tool, RAT™ (Relationship Assessment Tool), as well as puppy and adult dog tests. A consultant to multiple guide dog schools, her Enriched Puppy Protocol™ served as the structure for the updating of their puppy raising programs. With Cindy Knowlton, she developed CCC: Connection, Cooperation & Control™, a puzzle based program that builds joyful relationships between handlers & dogs.

Her newest program, FAT – Functional Assessment Tracking™, helps caretakers assess a dog’s well-being day-to-day as reflected in physiological, cognitive and social aspects. FAT will launch in early 2019, and will change how we care for dogs.

A long time breeder of German Shepherds, Suzanne lives on an upstate New York farm with husband John Rice, and their animal family.

Format and Details

There are not working vs. auditing spots. In the month before the seminar weekend, all who are registered will have the opportunity to apply for a working spot if desired.  Those registered will be sent a link to Suzanne’s questionnaire.  If you want to apply for a working spot you will fill out the questionnaire and submit it to Suzanne.  Suzanne will select the working dogs for the weekend based on the questionnaires submitted. 

All participants are welcome to bring a dog or two. The workshop will be held in a 100 X 100 arena, and there will be plenty of crating space.


1 day $150; 2 days $300.

Registration is limited, and is based on order of receipt of registration.

Cancellations:  Your check will be shredded ONLY if your cancellation is received by October 1, 2019.

Email me for a registration form: