Dune wins the Herding Group at the 2011 NOI and places ninth overall all breed

“Obedience was never fun or motivating for me or for my dogs… then, I started training with Anne Paul.  The confidence, enthusiasm and success just keep getting better!”

“Anne is without a doubt the most skilled, thoughtful and talented instructor that I have ever had for any performance sport.”

“I can’t say enough to express my gratitude for having found such an amazing instructor. Fun, easy to follow, and flexible approach is a winning combination!”  

“My dog is training for his senior and master hunter titles as well as the obedience ring and Anne’s class has markedly improved his performance in the field; he has greater confidence, focus, teamwork and line manners. He can’t wait to get into the building each week for class and I’m happy to drive two hours to get there because not only do we have a great time, I also come away each week feeling that we have taken another step forward and made progress toward these goals. Thanks Anne!”

“Students enrolled in Anne Paul’s classes benefit directly from her vast experience and extensive repertoire of training ideas and techniques, borne out by her extraordinary successes at the highest levels in the sport.” 

“In 27 years of playing obedience, yours was simply the most creative, resourceful and out of the box training class I have ever been to, in any venue. The most telling part for me is that Ella simply LOVED going to class. That’s the whole point of this isn’t it?”

“You are a fantastic instructor and mentor. There is no way your students can fail with you behind them.”

“Where have you been all these years? Why did we not approach you sooner? You are a great instructor! I have learned more in a few weeks with you than I have in the last 8 years. We will not go back to the old way of training after we have seen how making them think is the way to go!”

“My dog and I started classes with Anne just a little over a year ago, and she has managed to transform both of us and turn us into a real team. My dog was an out-of-control, toy-crazed Golden with tons of unrealized potential, and I…well, I was willing to work REALLY hard!  So here we are, having fun and actually looking forward to the next trial. Best of all, I can now honestly say that I have a relationship with my dog and we’re beginning to understand each other. Thanks for that, Anne!”

“I can honestly say that I wish I had taken your program sooner. It is a complete package from foundation to finish. I have learned more in the first 8 weeks of your class than I have in the past year of over a dozen other classes.”

“Having struggled with several competition dogs in the past with heeling problems, it is a triumph for me to finally have a dog that is with me in the ring as well as in practice. For this achievement, Anne deserves all the credit.”

“Of all the classes I have ever taken, you and yours have made the most improvement for us. Your abilities as an instructor ignited a passion within us to stay with the program and continue learning. Your teaching style is so fun and relaxed that I cannot believe the time flies by so fast. I never thought competitive obedience would be so fun – you have made it that way!”

“Thank you Anne for being a fabulous instructor and believing in us – I carried everything I’ve learned from you into the ring.”

“Thank you for your professionalism, patience, and dedication over the past two years. I have learned invaluable skills and strengthened my relationship with my dog. You have a special gift and I only hope some of your talent and dedication can wash off on me. Thank you again for enriching our lives immeasurably.”

“My dog and I went through all 3 levels of competitive obedience with Anne. I have never attended a better thought out, organized, and informative class as hers.”

“I can honestly say Anne that if it wasn’t for your patience, encouragement, insight and you just being Anne Paul and the trainer that you are, I might have given up with everything going on in my life now. It’s amazing how working with your best buddy can erase everything when it goes well. You have made my training the best experience ever.”

“We have trained with Anne from the time my dog was a puppy. We went through the Novice, Open, and Utility classes. We would not have achieved an OTCH without the excellent training and guidance Anne has given us throughout our career. Thanks for giving your all to us Anne.”

“I had gotten to the point that it wasn’t fun to work with my dog and that made me sad, and I was even thinking of retiring her. Your classes have charged both of us up and I am enjoying her so much more than I think I ever did, and her attitude has improved greatly. My son even remarked that she seems like a different dog.”

“Training with you has been such a different experience than training with other instructors. The step by step instruction that you have given us – never rushing anything or skipping any of the little pieces that make the tasks clear – is making all the difference to both my dog and to me. Thank you so much for all that you have taught us and for the wonderful teammate that you have helped me to turn my dog into. I really can’t wait till the day when we are ready to compete!”

“You are as talented an instructor as you are a trainer. It is such a relief to have a clear plan from which to train, and a relief to have a flexible, open minded instructor who listens and has solutions.”

Dune in the signal stand at the 2012 NOI

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