Triple Champion Stahlrosenhof’s Torrential River UDX2 OM3 

Breed Champion – January 2016

Obedience Trial Champion (X2) – March 2017, February 2018

Herding Champion – August 2018

My current competition partner, Torrent, was born on November 19, 2014. Torrent was bred by Janet Wolff of Stahlrosenhof Malinois in TN.  His mom, Rogue (Stahlrosenhof’s Rhythm Magic), is part of the Sheriff’s County Search and Recovery Team breeding program.  Their dogs are actively part of the law enforcement unit, and are dual-trained dogs, which means they do apprehension (of anything from lost children to felons) as well as recovery (of bodily remains and even underwater cadavers). Torrent’s sire is Dare (Isell’s Itoby), co-owned by Carolyn Kaiser of Turick Malinois and Heather Doucette of Teddy Bear Malinois in FL.  Dare was imported from Denmark, and is a very accomplished young man – he is a Grand Champion and a Herding Champion.

Torrent’s current career totals in Obedience:

First Placements:  25

Scores of 199 to 200:  10

High in Trials:  15

High Combineds:  8

UDX Legs:  21

OM points:  751

OTCH points:  260


August 3, 2018

Introducing… TRIPLE CHAMPION Stahlrosenhof’s Torrential River!!!! Yes, today Amanda and Torrent won their final point (actually getting a 3 point major) for their Herding Championship, so now my Torr is an AKC Triple Champion, which was my goal when I got my little black collared boy not even 4 years ago. To compete in multiple sports is one thing; to EXCEL in multiple sports is quite another. I cannot thank Amanda Nickle enough, in whose exceptional hands Torrent’s natural ability to herd grew into this remarkable achievement. All of their championship points were major wins. My thanks also to Torrent’s breeders, Janet Wolff and Carolyn Kaiser, who was there today to cheer them on. On to tracking for Championship #4!!!

February 9, 2018

Torrent continued his winning streak today at the double trial put on by the Eastern Irish Setter club in NY. We head home soon after a LONG day with 2 High in Trials, 1 High Combined, 3 Firsts/1 Second and 4 incredible scores of 199.5, 199, 198.5,and 198. He is already over halfway to his 3rd OTCH!!!

February 3, 2018

Torrent’s accomplishments in the obedience ring are steadily growing.  Today he won his second OTCH, and also completed his OM3.   He did this with a beautiful pair of 199s.

September 24, 2017

Amanda and Torrent had an outstanding weekend at the Del Bay herding trials.  They won Advanced A Sheep both days with scores of 191 and 195, and their Sunday score went Reserve HIT!  Even more exciting, Saturday was a 3 point major and Sunday was a 4 point major – what a way to start their quest for their championship!

August 4, 2017

Amanda and Torr had a gorgeous Advanced sheep run today, finishing his HXAs title and winning Reserve High in Trial! Tomorrow they get into the pool for championship points, and CH OTCH Torrent officially begins his quest for a triple championship.

May 14, 2017

Torrent and Amanda are on a roll! Yesterday they went HIT for their smoking hot Intermediate Sheep run. They also won 3rd place for their Duck run, so Torr now adds HIAsd to his name. 4 trials, 8 runs, 8 Qs, 4 titles – that is what I call a roll!

March 17, 2017

Introducing…    CH OTCH Stahlrosenhof’s Torrential River!!!!!!!!
With big sister Dune watching (and likely sharply critiquing), Torrent won Utility this morning and so won his OTCH!  He is my youngest to do so – it is amazing what he has done in just 2 years and 4 months.  It was so special that my Red Berry was along to see little bro carry on the torch – her voice could be heard in the applause! She ate up all the attention along with many many treats.  I especially thank Lee Clark and Amanda Nickle for coming to share in the hoped for big moment. Now it is Amanda’s turn to get his third championship – look out sheep and ducks!

Torrent presents the glove

Torrent returns with the article

Torrent looks at his go out

November 4, 2016

Today Torrent earned his next big obedience title – Obedience Master 1!

June 11, 2016

Introducing…. CH Stahlrosenhof’s Torrential River UD!!! – my Torrent finished his UD today with a 198 that also went High in Trial! In just 3 months and 9 trials, Torrent has gone from his first Novice leg to his third Utility leg, with a score average of 198, and along the way he won 7 HITs.

May 15, 2016

My young man Torrent is on a roll! Today he finished his Open title at Lancaster KC, winning his class and High in Trial with a 198. Torrent has shown in obedience 7 times – 4 times in Novice and 3 times in Open. He has a 198.5 score average, has won 6 First Placements and 6 High in Trials. He did this all in a space of about 8 weeks, and between his Novice and Open titles he also got his Herding Tested and Pre-Trial Tested Herding titles. What a start to what promises to be a fantastic career – Torrent will turn 18 months old this week!

7 HIT OPen Leg 3 WEB

May 14, 2016

Torrent got his second Open leg today at the Philadelphia DTC trial, with a gorgeous class that scored a 199 and took 4th place (yikes!). It was a fun day with many friends and students there. Great job Philly DTC and K9 Jym!

May 12, 2016

We had a wonderful trip to the ABMC Nationals in Winchester VA. Torrent did his final (4th) Novice run, and his first Open run. He won both classes with a pair of 197.5’s, and he tied himself for High in Trial! Torrent has now been in the ring 5 times. He has won all 5 classes, and all 5 scores have gone High in Trial. Way to go my man!

6 ABMC Nats HIT Open Leg 1

May 8, 2016

This weekend Torrent kicked off his herding career as he and Amanda Nickle completed his Herding Tested and Pre-Trial Tested titles with 4 beautiful runs.  One of the judges wrote “Nice work – great dog” on his score sheet.  He surely is!

5 HT + PT

April 29, 2016

I am super proud of my young man Torrent, who finished his CD today with a beautiful 199.5, winning his third High in Trial! Our Nationals are next, where he will do his last Novice run and try out Open for the first time too.

April 2, 2016

Torrent and I just got back from our second trip to MA, coming home with his second leg, his second score of 198.5, his second First Place, and his second High in Trial! This time he had to work for it a bit more – we had a runoff with the Open B winner.  I absolutely loved how Tor worked today, even more than two weeks ago. He worked with more energy and power, but still beautifully accurate and smooth.  This was a much more crowded and difficult trial, with virtually no room to warm up (we couldn’t do 3 steps without stopping) and it was pouring outside. I wasn’t sure how he would handle that, but it didn’t affect him one bit. So far Tor is showing me everything I am looking for in my next obedience partner!

March 19, 2016

Today was Team Torrent’s first Novice run, and let’s just say we rocked it!!!!!!  Tor felt absolutely wonderful beside me. He was 100% with me, engaged, attentive, working his best, and most important “EARS UP EYES BRIGHT”!  We scored a 198.5, and won his first High in Trial, as well as High Scoring Dog with a Breed Championship.  No matter the preparation, you never totally know how a young dog will handle an actual competition until you do it. Wow Tor – you were ready!  I have to add that this weekend is exactly one year since the weekend of the NOC last year, sister Dune’s retirement weekend. This year’s NOC is going on right now, in Tulsa. We are going to try to be in next year’s, though that will be very challenging to do so fast. And, yesterday was sort of Tor’s birthday – he turned 16 months old.  Team Torrent thanks Dune for her never-ending inspiration, and Tor’s big brother River for being inside us always.