Dune wins her 10th OTCH by getting her 1000th OTCH point on November 7, 2010

If classes and/or private lessons are cancelled due to winter weather, all students will be sent an email message.

All students please note carefully:

It is 100% your responsibility to check your email for winter weather cancellations of classes and private lessons.  Please do NOT leave me a phone message asking to be called if classes are cancelled.

Please remember that the decision to hold or cancel classes etc. takes into account a large geographical area. If there is any question at all, please check your email, as the conditions where you live/work might be very different from the conditions at the school or where other students live/work.

Dune gets her first Novice leg, and wins High in Trial with a 199.5, in February 2007

Dune over the high jump

Dune over the high jump